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So there was this guy, with a fro, and he played in a band. His name was Albert Hammond Jr., his dad was some famous hot shot. His band was called The Strokes. Then like, out of nowhere the sucker became famous. And they were a hit on LiveJournal. So then like every member of The Strokes had their own community. So I felt bad for the guy, and made him a community. And that's basically it.

Alas, come, join and we shall celebrate all good things Albert. Like his long lost twin brother Jon LaRue. Or the way his fro moves everytime he performs. Or how he is SOOOOO fashionable. And all that jazz.

Basic rules:

1.) Stay on subject. This community is not about how great Nikolai looked in a picture with Albert. Nikolai has his own community. Post that there. So does every other Stroke. So if it pertains to another one of The Strokes or any affiliating band, don't put it here. This is only for Albert. ALBERT.

2.) Please respect . . . THE BASIC RULES OF GRAMMAR! I don't want to see: OmGZzzzZZzzZ AlBErtT iS So0o0o000 HaWtt32 !@112!#@415151eighthundred.!!@!!!@!!111nine!!!!! TyYing LYkE dIs Is s0 KewlSz.!!!!!fifty. I will delete that post in an instant.

3.) Also with that rule... OmGZzzzZZzzZ AlBErtT iS So0o0o000 HaWtt32 !@112!#@415151eighthundred.!!@!!!@!!111nine!!!!! Is not really a post. It is pointless. We know Albert is good looking. But we don't need to repeat it excessivley in each post. The guy's ego will inflate. And what's worse than a 'fro? A big headed 'fro.

4.) Come in here to start things with others you say? Well, you'll find your sweet self blocked. I don't feel the need to elaborate on that.

5.) Because there's always supposed to be five rules... Have fun. I mean don't get too uptight and think your oh so great because you listen to The Strokes and have met them 2083505099716 times. This is all for fun and amusment.


Contact the community owner spunkyspiffy. If she doesn't know the answer, she'll make one up. Plain and simple.

P.S. I have NO affiliations with Albert, his family, friends, The Strokes, Wiz Kid Management, et al. Hell, I haven't even met the guy.

P.P.S. Jon LaRue is NOT related to Albert. I don't know who Albert's family is, just that his papa is famous. But Jon LaRue and Albert look A LOT alike.

P.P.P.S. That was just to make you look for my amusment. Hah. Ok. I'm done.

P.P.P.P.S. Ok. Now I'll stop.