Kill me Sarah (spunkyspiffy) wrote in albert_jr,
Kill me Sarah

Quite sorry.

Hello Albert Fans.

Someone in this community brought to my attention that this community is falling apart. I'm really quite sorry. And truthfully, I agree, this community is falling apart. I've realized this for the longest time, but never did much about it since I kept busy with other things. And if anything Strokes/Albert related came up, it came on thestrokes and to me, it seemed redundant to re-post it here.

So I guess I just want everyone to know that I am re-working the layout and have been working on a background for these past few days.

But I do have a question...

Does anyone know any good Strokes fansites anymore? The ones I used to visit were all closed. And I really can't get any new pictures. So if anyone could give me any sites with good pictures on it, it would help me a lot.

Albert is going to hate me,

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